What Equipment do You Need for P90X3?

There are three must-have pieces of gear for the P90X3 schedule if you are serious about getting results. The best part about the gear needs are that you might already have them, or if you don’t, you can get them inexpensively!

Below I am going to share the top three critical tools you need for P90X3 Gear. After we’ll review the other tools that I consider discretionary.

P90X3 Equipment

There are there are only three important tools you need. Below I’ll share more information on these three tools along with links to get them at a reduction.

small dumbells#1 Resistance Bands or Dumbbells

I personally use small dumbbells. But you can always you can even use resistance bands, which are helpful for getting the same effects and for traveling. They fit comfortably in and band since they can bend easily.

p90x chin up bar#2 – P90X Chin-Up Bar

The finest for P90X equipment is the chin up bar. Store brands have been used by me but there is a huge difference. To begin with, this chin-up bar supplies multiple hand grips that you will use with P90X3. Not only that, the store brands have a tendency to only have a few hand grips. This really is a significant variable since it won’t work for as many muscle groups.

yoga-mat#3 – Yoga Mat

A yoga mat offers great support for when you’re jumping on the floor. Not only that, it offers great support for Pilates and Yoga /floor moves. It also offers excellent support for your back when you’re doing lower body exercises.

Optional Equipment

tony horton power stands#1 Push Up Power Stands

When doing push-ups, you set a lot of stress on your own wrists. A good option to reduce some of that tension is with these handy Power Stands. An alternative to this tool is using your dumbbells. You use them in the same way that you would with the power stands and can put them on the ground.

P90x chin up max#2 – Chin-Up Max

Pull-ups are difficult to do. If you have struggled with doing pull-ups, utilize the Chin Up max tool to be successful. This piece of equipment that is P90X3 wraps around your foot and supplies resistance to help you pull-up.


bamboo-yoga-block#3 – Yoga Blocks

Personally, I believe these are a superb tool. Getting my arms and legs stretched to the flooring could be challenging at times. This is where Yoga Blocks can help.

You can also use your dumbbells or any block to help you do Yoga moves. Yet, these are among the most effective tools if you’re serious about building up your core Yoga strength.

I hope this page was helpful to you on knowing what P90X3 equipment you’ll need. Please contact us if you have any questions in general for P90X3 or other questions regarding gears.