The P90X3 Ab Ripper

Tony Horton, the creator of P90X3, has been regarded as a killer in regards to ab workouts. This routine is no distinct. Get through a couple of these and you will instantly see results. Below we break down the whole routine detailing every exercise in this workout.

Ab Ripper Workouts

1.) Tin Guy Windmill – 5 each side, 10 total

Standing with wide legs, pitch your torso forwards with open arms and a flat back. Twist your torso. Come back to switch sides and flat back.

2.) Dolphin Hops- 3 hops in, 1 out, 15 total

In a forearm board, jump your feet toward your chest 3 times, lifting your hips toward the ceiling, then jump out and lower your hips in one hop.

3.) C-Y Reach – 5 each side, 10 total

Seated with round arms on your own tailbone, tuck your pelvis under and round your lower back, toward the earth. Move to your right side, lift your torso and stretch your arms. Twist back to center and repeat.

4.) Sphinx Crunch Hold- 5 each side, 10 total

In a forearm board, begin to bring choice knees up to your triceps on exactly the same side, keeping your hips down.

5.) 5 –Directional Abrinome

With your arms on the floor at 45 degrees from your torso, on your back, move your legs right, left, up, down, and lean, according to cue.

6.) Hip Drop Kink- 6 each side, dumbbell elective

In a side arm plank, with your top foot on the floor, drop your hip two times to the flooring, and twist as you roll onto the balls of your feet to reach your top arm under you. Untwist and replicate.

7.) Bridge Burners- 10 total, dumbbell elective

Curl your lower back toward the ground, bend your knees, and twist your elbows to the floor 4 times. Sit up again, and unfold to the earth.

8.) Speed Bike- 100 reps ( 2 speeds, 10 each up to 100)

On your own back, above the ground, your left elbow extended with your right knee towards your upper body and your left leg toward your right elbow. Alternate slowly for 10 min, then fast for 10.